Sundays at Providence


"The purpose in a man's heart is like deep water,
but a man of understanding will draw it out"
Proverbs 20:5 ESV

At Providence, we hold a firm conviction that children and young adults should be brought up under the teaching and study of the word of God. At such a crucial young age, it’s important to shepherd them up and mature them as best we can. We want to give knowledge and discretion to our youth (Prov. 1:4) and instead of hoarding them to ourselves, prepare and launch them out into the world like an archer’s arrows (Psalm 127:4).
Like it says in Prov. 20:5, we want to do the work of drawing out the purposes in each other’s hearts to know each other deeply; and to draw out the purposes in God’s heart to know Him deeply - through His word. We don't want a youth group that's a mile wide if it's only an inch deep. 
On top of that we want to instill in our kids the ideals of being mission-minded and to be serving in our church and community.

3D is open to kids from 6th to 12th grade.  Contact us if you want to get involved.

Next 3D is Sunday, September 3rd at 6:00pm

Questions Series

Missing perfection

As part of our summer series on questions submitted by the youth, our next question we'll be tackling is the question of "What should I do when I expect perfection from myself?". 

Harvey Cedars 2023

We’ll be spending the weekend of September 15th-17th at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference – a Christian conference center in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey with some of our sister churches youth groups.  The plan will be to depart from Providence at 4:30 on the 15th and caravan over to the conference center.  We’ll stop for dinner on the way.  We’ll be returning before 4:00 on the 17th, we’ll send out messages to let you know more specifically when (It depends on how quickly everyone gets packed up and heads out after lunch, traffic, etc).

The entire cost for the weekend per child is $50.  There will be opportunities to buy snacks at the snack shop there, so you may want to send your child with a few bucks for a treat.

The accommodations there are bunk-bed style with linens provided, but some have found it more comfortable to bring their own pillow and sleeping bag in the past.

Meals are provided by HCBC from Saturday morning through Sunday lunch.  If you have any dietary restrictions, HCBC has always done an excellent job at working with us to make sure everyone is well fed.  Let us know about any of that stuff ahead of time.

The beach, pool, and sports are always big attractions at HCBC, so make sure to bring clothes for all those.  Modest swimwear is required (full shorts for guys and one piece for girls).

Packing List:

Water bottle
Day Bag (To carry beach towels/bible, etc.)
Swimsuit/flipflops for beach
Sports clothes/close-toed shoes for games
Sweatshirt (it can get chilly at night on the bay)
Beach towel, shower towel
Pillow/Sleeping Bag
Cash for snack bar

Parent's Corner

For the parents, here's a super helpful video on the role a father plays in the family dynamic of raising children.


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Sundays at Providence