Ways to Serve

At Providence, you can get involved and exercise the gifts the Lord has given you in various ways.  The session oversees various areas of ministry within the church. For those who are gifted in teaching there are opportunities to serve in the Sunday School program, lead a home fellowship group, or a bible study. For those who are gifted in music there are opportunities to serve in worship.  For those who are gifted with helps or hospitality there are opportunities to assist the deacons or serve on the Fellowship Team.

Below are some of the ways you can serve:

Disciple through 

  • Nursery
  • Sunday School
  • VBS
  • Special Needs

Outreach through

  • Missions Trips
  • Local Ministry Projects
  • Stitches of Love
  • Christ's Cupboard Food Pantry

Lead or participate in a

  • Small Groups
  • Bible Studies
  • Women's Fellowship & Studies
  • Men's Fellowship & Studies

Be involved in Worship through 

  • Sing on the Worship Team
  • Play an instrument
  • Assist with the Tech Crew

Help serve by

  • Being a Sunday Host or part of the Welcoming Team
  • Providing a meal to a family in need
  • Joining the Fellowship team
  • Visiting a sick or disable church member
  • Working with the Deacons