Sundays at Providence

Sunday School

Providence Church has Sunday School for all ages every Sunday from 9:30am to 10:15am.


The goal of our Sunday School program is to teach our children the gospel of Jesus Christ so they will know and serve Him and others in His name. Every lesson is intended to bring that gospel to our children in a clear and meaningful way. We use the same content across each age group with a different focus according to their class and age group. We are excited and thankful to the Lord to share the gospel with our children!

We have 4 classes for children:

Pre-K (2yrs and above) - Children will be introduced to Bible stories and start to connect it to God's big plan of salvation. They will sing, pray, do crafts, and practice sitting and listening.

Lower Elementary (K-2nd) - Children will discuss the Bible stories and clearly connect it to the gospel. They will also pray, have activities, and crafts. 

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th) - Children will search the text, analyze the Scripture for themselves, and articulate how each story connects to the gospel. 

Jr/Sr. High (6th-12th) - This is a very bible-focused, interactive and practical discussion every Sunday, using a 3-year plan focused on growing in our knowledge, love, and service to Jesus Christ.  Year 1 is about seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. Year 2 is answering the question, "Who is Jesus Christ?" by going through the Gospel of John. The third year is focused on how to understand the Scriptures and our Savior's work (and some memorization!) by using parts of the Westminster and Heidelberg catechisms. All are welcome to join us and can enter into the class at any time!


Our adult class meets upstairs in the sanctuary. We study Scripture, theology, and the gospel.

Sundays at Providence